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How to use AppColl Prosecution Manager?

How to use AppColl Prosecution Manager?

AppColl Prosecution Manager has been designed specifically for the law firms dealing majorly in Patent Prosecution. Though corporate IP groups can also use the AppColl Prosecution Manager, however, there is a special software designed for corporates viz. AppColl Invention Manager.

AppColl Prosecution Manager is a cloud-based prosecution management software that is accessible through any web browser.

AppColl Prosecution Manager has 7 modules which are connected to each other.


  1. Tasks
  2. Matters
  3. Prior Art
  4. Files
  5. Billing
  6. Reports
  7. Contacts


  1. Tasks: Tasks Module shows all the tasks related to all the open matters. The tasks view can be filtered to today�s tasks or specific attorney’s tasks. Tasks Module auto-dockets a few tasks which are triggered as per the action by the PTOs. These modules only cover USPTO & PCT auto dockets which might need customization at times. Further, for foreign matters, all the tasks need to be entered manually. The module provides complete customization. IP Docketers Team can help you with the complete customization of the Tasks Module so that you achieve your Prosecution goals or customize it to your style of docketing.


  1. Matters: Matters Module shows all patents, trademarks, or any other IP matters in one window. Everything in the AppColl starts with the creation of matters. The matters can be uploaded using an excel file and application/patent numbers corresponding to USPTO fetches the application status directly from the TSDR. Further, the module works in closed collaboration with the tasks module which generates the auto tasks corresponding to each matter available at the USPTO. IP Docketers can help you in setting up the complete system from the scratch. To set up the system both auto upload and manual entries are required. �


  1. Prior Art: Prior Art Module helps in generating the IDS and managing the references. It adds details of the USPTO matters automatically by just including the application or publication numbers. Non-USPTO matters need to be entered manually however there is a facility of cross-referencing. Wherein, one Prior Art can be cross-linked to multiple matters and helps in generating the IDS easily.


  1. Files: Files Module provides a single location for all the documents corresponding to the matters available in the system. The documents need to be uploaded manually. Folders and subfolders can be created to organize the documents. All the documents are made available online on the cloud.


  1. Billing: Billing Module helps you in generating and tracking invoices. The invoices are populated as per the completion of tasks in the system. Time and billing can be tracked from the completed tasks and thus can be populated with the amount to be billed in the invoice. The module supports LEDES format and various ways of billing including retainers, flat fees, expenses, and discounts, etc.


  1. Reports: Reports Module enables us to generate custom reports to review the status of any sort in the system. The report’s delivery can be automated, scheduled, and customized. The reports can be delivered by email or uploaded using Secure FTP.


  1. Contacts: Contacts Module stores the entire database of contacts including clients, attorneys, paralegals, and inventors, etc. The module helps in populating various forms and matters with attorneys and inventor details.

AppColl Prosecution Manager seems a good fit for all sizes of law firms managing primarily USPTO and PCT matters. Though foreign matters can be managed easily however there is no auto docket for foreign matters. Nevertheless, not to worry IP Docketers can help you in complete management of AppColl for you. We have been helping various clients in keeping their docketing up to date using AppColl. Contact IP Docketers today!

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