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How and Why to choose a Patent Docketing Software?

How and Why to choose a Patent Docketing Software?

Please raise your hand if you�ve ever felt victimized by Excel for managing Patent�Docketing. When you track your docketing with Excel, you get loaded with lots of information on the excel window. It kills your enthusiasm to control your docketing. It is daunting enough to create reports every day with your cumbersome excel docketing file. All right, now you are thinking to switch to a patent docketing software.




You are wondering how to choose the right patent docketing system for yourself?


Well, there�s good news: Experts at IP Docketers have created a ready to use checklist for choosing the right docketing system.


With the right steps, suggestions, and checklist at your disposal, you could easily choose the right docketing software for yourself or your firm.


Five (5) steps on how to choose the right docketing software for your needs.


  1. Create a list of features required in your docketing system. We have included a ready checklist for your reference. You can choose the features needed from the checklist. We know this checklist would play a lifesaver role!
  2. Review websites of the Patent Docketing Software providers for the availability of the features.
  3. Schedule the meeting with the patent docketing software providers mapping with the checklist. If one or two features are being missed on the website, you can still schedule a meeting, and you can ask for those features in the conference. There is a possibility that the information on these features is unavailable on the website. However, these could be available in the software. Before scheduling meeting, you can also take help of your contacts or IP Docketing Experts – The�IPDocketers.com. IP Docketers provide free of cost consultancy for choosing a docketing software.
  4. Ask for the cost in the meeting. It will help in finalizing the software for your specific needs and budget.
  5. Sit down with all the information (with the team) and finalize the software.


IP Docketers prepared 15 Point Checklist of the Latest available features with Patent Docketing Softwares. You can use the below checklist to start your search process. We wish you all the best! If you need help at any point of time. Just contact us – The IP Docketers. We will be more than happy to help. Enjoy!


  1. Country-Specific Law – Should comply with the patent laws of your focus country.
  2. PTO File History – Should be able to reflect PTO file history.
  3. PTO Data Integration – Should be able to integrate future actions of the PTO with the docketing process.
  4. Adaptability – should be adaptable to your style of Docketing
  5. Reports & Analytics – Should be able to generate customized reports.
  6. Client Access – Should be able to provide access to the client so that the client can review the status of its cases
  7. Client Reports: Should be able to send automatic reports to the clients.
  8. Client Alerts: Should be able to send automatic alerts to clients for important deadlines.
  9. Document Management – Should have the capability to manage documents.
  10. Auto-Docket Capabilities – Should be able to docket standard cases automatically and should be able to generate standard tasks automatically.
  11. Configuration and Customization – Should be able to customized or provide custom modules creation facility so that you can create the modules as per your needs.
  12. Invoicing Facility – Should be able to facilitate invoicing for completed tasks for clients.
  13. Paralegal Access – Should be able to provide access to paralegals.
  14. Attorney Notification – Should be able to notify attorneys for the upcoming and/or important deadlines.
  15. Complete IP – Should be able to manage entire IP including, patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain name, and design, etc.

Note: We are not affiliated with any Patent Docketing Software company. If required, we recommend docketing softwares as per the need of our clients.

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