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How long is a Patent Renewal valid? Every creator is aware of the answer, which is 20 years. Not exactly. If you renew a patent appropriately, it can last up to 20 years and occasionally even a bit longer.

More than half the battle is the gold star once you receive a patent award, but keeping the exclusive rights to your idea for as long as possible is trickier than you might think. To address the when, why, and how of renewing patents, the intellectual property (IP) experts at IP Docketers have produced a thorough handbook. You can make the best choice for your company if you keep abreast of all the options and keep costs to the smallest.

Why must patents be starting again?

While maintenance costs are usually required to be the reward when an application is still pending until the grant’s end, patents are gold for a defined term (typically 20 years from the filing date). These are annuity costs or patent renewal payments. Renewal is worthwhile if the patent is waiting to continue adding value to the company or second-hand in licencing or enforcement. In that case, you may let it expire.

What factors can make the process of renewing a patent difficult?

Each jurisdiction’s appropriate patent office requires patent owners to renew their rights there. The office must receive payment frequently on the anniversary of the filing date.

Yet, the IP regimes in each jurisdiction can be complex, and fees vary widely. For instance, in the US, patent renewals are due 3.5, 7.5, and 11.5 years following the filing date. Also, rules might change anytime, so you must stay current. Losing and skipping a renewal payment is simple when traversing a maze of due dates and costs, endangering a priceless patent property. That is why developing a patent management plan is crucial.

Techniques for renewing patents

The following are the three basic ways to handle patent renewals:

  • Control personally: Small businesses or those with specialised internal teams may find this appropriate. Of course, this approach puts a lot of pressure on individuals running the operation, especially if they have to familiarise themselves with rules in several jurisdictions where information is only occasionally available.
  • Manage through a law office: I could delegate portfolio management to an outside IP-focused law firm. The patent owner can then let someone know when a fee is due and given instructions by the firm’s lawyers. This alternative may be burdensome and costly for the patent holder.
  • Utilise a patent renewal service provider to manage: The third option is collaborating with a service provider specialising in overseeing international patent renewals. The ideal strategy to handle sizable portfolios is confessing as being this. Providers use sophisticated record-keeping systems to ensure that portfolio information improves and deadlines are a punch. Additionally, they keep up with all recent changes to dates, costs, and processes in each jurisdictional office. Because patent renewals often come with other IP-related services, the supplier provides central portfolio management offers cost savings.

Why should you use IP Docketers?

When you work with a specialised patent renewals service provider, you gain access to the knowledge and expertise of technical IP specialists. Due to their access to knowledgeable agents in crucial nations, our professionals are always up to date on the most recent legal developments.

IP Docketers has been handling some of the most valuable IP portfolios in the world for 60 years. They are a reputable and highly skilled provider of patent renewal services. We provide the whole range of support that a full-service provider can need, significant economies of scale, preferential pricing, optimised processes, and worldwide access.

Above all, we want to deliver a flexible solution that meets your business’s requirements and considers the resources you already have on staff. Without having to worry about missing deadlines, you maintain control. That lets your team concentrate on creating value and fostering growth while knowing that your crucial IP rights are secure.


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