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How We Helped International Law Firms Manage Their IP Workload with Virtual Paralegal Support

Due to a surge in worldwide IP filings, IP law firms and businesses have found it challenging to manage their workload. To overcome this difficulty, enterprises are now looking for virtual paralegal assistance that will enable them to manage their legal, administrative, and IP obligations efficiently. Accordingly, our paper includes three case studies demonstrating how IP Docketers’s remote paralegal service assisted IP law firms and businesses in efficiently managing their workload.

Summary of Contents

  • Getting to Know Virtual Paralegals
  • Case Study 1: IP Docket Management and a Las Vegas IP Law Firm
  • Case Study 2: IP Law Firm and IDS Management from Michigan
  • Case Study 3: IP Docket Management by a US-based Robotic Process Automation Company
  • Conclusion

Getting to Know Virtual Paralegals

An IP professional that remotely assists organizations like law firms, IP attorneys, and solo IP practitioners is known as a virtual or remote IP paralegal. He or she provides various legal, clerical, and intellectual property services.

The following sections’ case studies illustrate virtual paralegals’ value by showing how s IP helped some well-known IP law firms and businesses by providing remote support, which decreased their IP workload.


Case Study 1: IP Docket Management and a Las Vegas IP Law Firm

A Las Vegas-based IP law firm contacted IP Docketer to manage its IP portfolio, which consists of over 3500 U.S. and international patent and trademark applications. After learning about their needs, our team used a web-based docketing platform to manage their whole IP portfolio at first. This included assisting them with a client contact list audit and tool updates for client data. The team helped the law firm manage internal deadlines and those set by the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and sent notifications to the IP attorneys before the deadlines occurred.

As soon as the solution is set up, IP Docketers starts coordinating with the firm’s overseas partners to manage its foreign applications and sends frequent updates to keep the business informed of approaching deadlines. Our staff also proofreads patents, creates information disclosure statements (IDS) when necessary, and prepares client status reports regularly to maintain track of the clients of the law company.

Case Study 2: IP Law Firm and IDS Management from Michigan

In another instance, IP Docketers was hired to manage the IDS activities for an IP law practice with numerous IP portfolios in Michigan. Our team first developed a plan to handle IDS properly and lessen the IP workload based on the customer’s needs. The team then prepared IDS(s) with pertinent foreign patent and non-patent references using an IDS management tool. Additionally, IP Docketers assisted the client in submitting the IDS(s) and distributing the reporting emails on time. To keep track of their IDS work, our team prepares and presents nearly 100 IDS(s) each month.

Case Study 3: IP Docket Management by a US-based Robotic Process Automation Company

In addition to IP law firms, IP Docketers has provided paralegal services to a well-known robotic process automation company with headquarters in the US for methodically handling their IP dockets and moving all of their internal data to a docket management application. The paralegal team suggested a docket management tool for running their patent and trademark dockets based on their needs. The group then transferred the spreadsheet data (formerly used for IP docketing) and produced records broken down by nation. When necessary, the group also went to the official websites of patent offices. Examining the bibliographic information and entering accurate information into the tool. In addition, IP Docketers’s staff used the application to process the client’s old emails so that they could be viewed alongside the changes in the records of the trademark and patent prosecution.

Our staff analyzed the emails after all the data had been transmitted to the platform to ensure that their database was current and that they could see the bibliographic information, PTO status, and upcoming PTO deadlines on a single webpage. By doing this, the client was able to save spending time trawling through their emails for PTO notices. Additionally, IP Docketer sends weekly and monthly PTO deadline reminders before the real deadlines to ensure that the required responses are prepared and filed on time now that their data has been sorted.


It makes sense that organizations like IP law firms or enterprises would turn to remote paralegals for help because managing IP workload can be a complex undertaking. They must search for reputable virtual service providers that provide services throughout the IP lifecycle to ensure they get the most out of such paralegals.

It’s essential to obtain professional advice if you represent a company in need of IP services or if you are an IP legal firm. The Intellectual Property Management Solutions offered by IP Docketersare a collection of services that include office action shell response, IDS creation, patent proofreading, and patent docketing. View this webinar to learn more about virtual paralegals.


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