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Virtual admin team

Administrative Support Services in the Virtual World

Is maintaining a good calendar becoming more difficult? Do you require a qualified, zealous, and proactive virtual admin assistant team to lessen your everyday concerns? If so, Express Virtual Assistants’ (EVA) virtual executive assistant services are an excellent method to keep your administrative obligations on time. Our virtual administrative assistants are great organisers and can handle your sensitive work discreetly, among other things.

You can free up your valuable time by using EVA’s virtual admin assistant team so you can concentrate on other essential tasks. Our virtual administrative assistants are skilled in English, calendar management, and virtual assistant software and can operate independently in a complicated company environment. By hiring a virtual admin assistant team, you may streamline your hectic routine.

Services We Provide For Virtual Admin Assistants Team

Express Virtual Assistants is a company that offers virtual administrative assistant services and keeps your business’s productivity at its peak round-the-clock. You might resolve your administrative worries by using our service. We can handle the administrative aspects of your company by outsourcing virtual executive assistant services, which will save you time and money. We offer the following virtual executive assistant services:

Plans & Itinerary for Travel

You can keep your business meetings and other essential obligations with the help of a reliable travel planner. If this worries you, our virtual admin assistants Team can organise your entire business travel itinerary and ensure you arrive on time, assuming you leave early enough.

 Setting an appointment

Setting up appointments on your own can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of competing demands on your time. Here’s where we step in. EVA’s virtual administrative assistants will confirm meetings with potential clients, enabling your finest closers to finish deals through in-person interactions.

Schedule Administration

Whether it’s a schedule for projects and portfolios or a straightforward spreadsheet with time and resource data, professionals at Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) can efficiently handle your schedules. Our virtual administrative assistant Team can keep your daily planner from being backed up.

Assembling industry reports

Industry reports of the highest calibre are essential for making decisions. We can therefore gather insights on trends, market behaviour, and much more if you require precise info on the sector in which you are an expert. Making informed decisions with no room for error is possible with the correct information.

Management of Contact List in Spreadsheet

Maintaining relationships with each client may be easier if you deal with a broad customer base. You will require a professional contact list manager from Express Virtual Assistants to be productive (EVA). Our remote virtual administrative assistant team has years of experience managing contact lists and can provide a current list free of duplication and with up-to-date contact information.

Formatting and management of documents

Hire EVA’s remote virtual administrative assistant team to prepare your documents exactly how you desire. Our VA will ensure that everything is done accurately, completely, and on time. The virtual assistant assigned to the work will examine the formatting components and typefaces, indentation, and margins to ensure proper usage. We are always prepared to handle your document format needs, whether legal or business.

Writing Notes

The virtual administrative assistant can take your notes from Express Virtual Assistants. Our remote agents will record any important meetings or events on your chosen platform or immediately download the uploaded content at our facility. Our virtual administrative assistant will produce a correct written document that complies with your company’s requirements.

Services for recording minutes

If keeping meeting minutes concerns you, we can assign the job to an experienced EVA virtual assistant. We can write down every critical business meeting decision, and our remote employees can write the scripts for such recordings. In this manner, you can throw away the sloppy notes and effectively complete the agenda using our accurate transcripts. Our minute takers can lessen your worry and work by ensuring that meeting minutes are verbatim.


The content can quickly transition from speech format to written records thanks to EVA’s virtual administrative agents. Try our administrative virtual assistant services if you want to relieve your team of the burden of manual transcription or replace traditional transcription. To deliver transcribed records within the allotted period, we have qualified remote transcriptionists who may serve as your team’s extension.

Presentation & Creation of Reports

If your internal team’s reports leave you unsatisfied, use our virtual office assistant to complete the assignment. Our experts may develop personalised information for each receiver at every level of the hierarchy. Additionally, we’ll take care of the display components to adapt the report to your requirements.

The Procedure Our Virtual Administrative Assistants Follow

Virtual administrative assistant services delegation is a simple, organised process. You can select a suitable plan, and our agents will guide you through the straightforward procedures to finish the legalities. After that, you can decide on a budget and complete the transaction. The following is our process:

  1. Should identify Tasks for E-Commerce Virtual Assistants. We will identify and narrow down the administrative work for analysis. If there are any discrepancies, our analysts will notify them.
  1. Making Procedure Documents. Your current procedure will be recorded, creating a checklist with detailed instructions for our VA.
  1. Validate the procedure before the delegation. To determine whether the results are accurate and trustworthy, we’ll mimic your procedure in close to real-time circumstances.
  1. Task Distribution. After the process’s dependability has been verified, we shall assign the assignment to the virtual assistant whose culture best fits the task. There will be quick and effective delegation and orientation.
  1. Utilizing Tools for VA Tasks. To minimise errors throughout the process, we will deploy robust VA tools. VA will use automation methods to complete a significant portion of the work.
  1. Competency Evaluation. will review the expected result regularly. Additionally, we will verify that the work complies with the SLA to ensure everything turns out as planned.
  1. Procedure optimisation. If we find ways to optimise the current procedure, we will do so and submit reports. We will compile actionable data that can use to execute the required action.
  1. Process citations. To maintain openness, we will track the procedure from beginning to end. This report is readily available for quick reference and performance evaluation.

Top Advantages of Employing EVA’s Virtual Administrative Assistants

 Use your productive hours in tasks that require critical decision-making when you hire a virtual administrative assistant. As a reputable virtual executive assistant service provider, we shall put up unwavering effort to diligently carry out your administrative responsibilities. For the following reasons, you can engage a virtual executive assistant from EVA:

  • Pay only for work completed.
  • By contracting with EVA for virtual administrative assistant services, you can save hiring costs while still paying for the completed work. Employing a full-time specialist allows you to avoid the intricate labour rules and required employee benefits.
  • Administrative issues absent
  • Running a fully functional organisation involves many administrative tasks that can be time- and resource-consuming. Our knowledgeable virtual administrative assistants will manage your administrative tasks using the resource on our end.
  • No Payroll Issues
  • Payroll administration is difficult and time-consuming. Monitoring every facet of employee benefits could significantly increase your costs if you have limited resources. So leave your worries to us, and we’ll decide how much time you spend handling payroll.
  • Exceptional Services
  • We strongly emphasise quality to guarantee that you are delighted with the service. Our QA specialists are trained and certified to search for omissions in the initial assessment. We will evaluate the effectiveness of our virtual assistants and, if necessary, offer recommendations to enhance the service.
  • Timeliness
  • We can fulfil the promise if you require the task to be crown within a short TAT. We can do assignments faster than our rivals thanks to our administrative experience.
  • Specialised Experts Committed to Your Tasks
  • By giving people who have a solid understanding of the procedure of virtual administrative jobs, we can uphold our commitment to providing high-quality service. Our VA specialists are hand-selected after considering their cultural fit and project-specific experience.
  • Scalability with Flexibility at Your Own Pace
  • If you’re prepared to scale up your process, we can offer the required assistance to ensure it moves quickly and effectively.
  • High Data Security & Confidentiality
  • We follow the NDA and other standard data privacy rules. We are called for by contract to maintain the privacy of your data. We take top-notch physical, technical, and security precautions to safeguard your data.

It’s Cheap to Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant!

Are you aware that full-time hiring a virtual administrative assistant can cost you tens of thousands of dollars? Not to mention how much it costs to run a physical office, which drives up your costs even more. You’ll be happy to learn that EVA’s virtual administrative assistant services only cost $8 per hour.

Hire a Professional Remote Administrative Assistant Today

Whatever your needs are, we can tailor a solution to suit you. With low cost and scalability, you can begin seeing results right away. Keeping your office clutter-free is one of our top priorities. Because our services come with 24/7 operator support through your selected channel, we have you covered if you need assistance in real-time while the project is underway.

We can move you closer to increased productivity if you hire a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks.