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paralegal in patent and trademark law

Paralegal In Patent And Trademark Law

Paralegal in patent and trademark law
Do you adore Patent And Trademark Law? Do you have an eye twitch when you read a sentence with a mistake? Are you proud of the work you do? Do you enjoy interacting with energised, motivated clients? Do you want to be a part of a great team that has fun?
Do you wish to use specific skills to advance a developing legal firm? Are you hoping to work part-time so you can work whenever and wherever? Do you have the desire to improve the world (including the place where you work) every morning? You might be the ideal candidate for this job!
We are particularly interested in finding someone knowledgeable about patent and trademark issues. This ideal candidate (you?) should be comfortable using the TSDR, Private PAIR, and intellectual property docketing tools. It is also preferable to be familiar with global patent and trademark strategies. They need to be accessible and knowledgeable while communicating with customers. And international agents on the company’s behalf. They must be open to collaboration and desire teamwork.
IP Docketers is a law firm that specialises in IP law. Working with startups and cutting-edge technology from various industries is a tremendous privilege.
We would be searching for the following qualities in you:
– Persistence.
– Curiosity.
– Enjoy the fun.
– I love technology.
– adore education.
– Maintain a keen eye for detail.
– working digitally or in passing without discomfort.
– the genius of organisation.
– Being cordial and expert with others, especially our staff and clients.
– know a little about intellectual property fundamentals.
– have an idea for starting a law firm or have some experience.
– feeling at ease using the Microsoft Office Suite (including Visio).
– knowledge of intellectual property docketing programmes.
* If you have many other desirable qualities, make sure to apply.
fundamental responsibilities
– Use docketing software; check Private PAIR TSDR all the time. And give updates on patent and trademark issues.
– Create patent and trademark applications and office activity shells.
– often interact with overseas agents of international patent and trademark matters.
– I need to file the report on time. The WD team and clients keep track of this. And communicate patent and trademark filing deadlines.
  • It is important to be comfortable breaking down complex material into smaller steps. This will make the material easier to understand and remember. It will also help you communicate with clients. Or others who may need help understanding legal jargon.
Currently only part-time, this role has the potential to become full-time. You can work a flexible schedule as long as you and your team members agree. This way, you can easy communicate with clients and other team members.
We are not looking for a standard cover letter. Because this is not a specific post, we’d want to know the source of your enthusiasm for the subject! Please apply anywhere you see this job advertised or on our website.

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